Enclosure M.2 NVMe to USB 3.1 C (Gen 2) External NVMe SSD Reader Adapter with USB C-C Cable



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M.2 NVMe to USB 3.1 C (Gen 2) Enclosure External PCI-e M Key NVMe SSD Reader Adapter with USB C-C Cable by RIITOP

Please Note:

1. If the SSD is brand new, Please go to “Disk Management ” to “Initialize” it first after connected. Or it can not show in “My Computer”

2. If it’s encrypted SSD, please Decrypt it before use this enclosure, otherwise it will be NOT recognized by computer system.

Compatible with OS:

Windows 7,Windows 10 and MAC 10.10.5 or later version, Linux .

Plug and Play, No Driver needed

  • RIITOP M2 NVMe SSD External USB 3.1 Enclosure: Easy to make your PCI-e Based M Key Nvme SSD portable for data store or data transfer via USB C Port on your computer
  • Aluminum Case with a vented Design on both sides, will strengthen the effect of heat dissipation to protect your NVMe SSD well. And the LED indicators will transmit via vents when work.
  • RIITOP NVMe to USB Enclosure Compatibility: Support most of M.2 PCI-e M key SSDs, such as Samsung 970 EVO /950Pro/ 960Evo/ XP941/ PM951/ PM961/ SM951/ SM962, WD Black NVMe SSD and so on. Only Support M.2 PCI-e Based M Key NVMe SSD
  • ★★ Note: 1. DO NOT support PCI-e M Key AHCI SSD, SATA based B+M key or B Key SSD, Please check with the picture. 2. Please use “Macrium Reflect software” if you want to clone SSD.
  • Package including: 1x NVMe M.2 Enclosure, 1x USB C To C Cable, 1x Screwdrive, 1x Protective Bag, Screws Please Note: We have NOT authorized to any other seller, NO guaranty service for unauthorized product.

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