Since the world went into lockdown a few months back, we’ve all been on multiple video calls. Whether it was for a meeting, an online class or just to get in touch with family and friends, this has been the closest way to communicate apart from meeting them in person. When going out to meet someone we have always made an effort to look presentable in some form or another. Unfortunately, most of us don’t nearly make the same effort before video calls. Everyone can use a little help in this regard. Small changes in things like the camera angle of your computer, lighting, using a good quality mic over the ones built into your computer, and a few other things can make you look your best. Here are some tips to take your video call game to the next level.


Light-up your face


The first thing that can improve the quality of video that your camera picks up is the lighting. This will dictate where to sit as you are looking for the best light source in the room which is usually a window. Make sure that this light source is either right in front of you or at an angle of no more than 45 degrees to the side. You must also know that the screen of the device that you are taking the video call on emits certain light. In darker places, If the primary source of light is not bright enough then the screen backlight can interfere with your lighting and blow out your face in the call. To avoid this adjust your screen brightness to an optimum level before you start the call.


Talk Eye to Eye


Just as how keeping good eye contact is crucial with in-person conversations, a good camera perspective is essential to get the most effective conversation and as a result a flattering angle. Your table is never at the right height to achieve this look. It is almost always way below where it needs to be so it creates an unflattering look. Do what needs to be done to get the camera of your computer at your eye level. You can get creative and build some scaffolding with things lying around or even just prop up some books to create a sturdy base for your computer. You don’t really want the people who you are on a video call with to be looking up or down at you. 


Test It out beforehand


It is never a good idea to start adjusting things during the call. You must show up to the meeting prepared to make a good impression. This even includes installing any pending computer updates for the application that you are using for your video call. In some instances, these computer updates may delay your appearance for the conference at the most un-opportune time so make it a point to install them as and when they are released. Most applications have a video preview option. Make the most of it by checking everything from lighting to audio and be completely prepared when you enter the call. Once you start the video call, hide your video preview so that you are not easily distracted from what is being discussed. You may be tempted to fix your hair or make any other adjustments during the call if you are looking at your preview. 


 Sit at a quiet spot with your best pair of headphones


Audio is one aspect of a video call that is all too easily taken for granted. Compared to the video preparation, people hardly spend any time checking the mic and sound output. Sometimes there may be troubleshooting with the audio card that can be fixed with necessary computer updates. These computer updates can easily be found online. Also, it is crucial to find the quietest spot in the room to ensure that there is no disturbance to the other person/people in the call. Background noise can be very distracting to the people on the other side of the call.