A laptop is like a modern personal computer that the users expect to perform at high speed, every time. Sometimes, your laptop might show some signs of stammering in speed and performance. Are they acute signs of your laptop dying? Without regular computer updates, these devices can lose their power and reliability. They start performing erratically and fail to co-operate even simple tasks. Here are the top symptoms that indicate a dying laptop –



When the computer overheats, it affects its performance. The system could crash suddenly out of the blue. It also shutdowns on its own in a random fashion. Excessive heating can lead to much more severe problems with the laptop. 


Those who go for regular computer updates can avoid this problem, to some extent. In most cases, a professional repair is essential. Else, excessive heat can lead to the premature death of the laptop. It can partially or fully cause the failure of various system components. It also reduces the overall longevity of the laptop.


Loud noises

If your laptop makes a clicking noise or grinding sounds when you are using any application, it could be another red signal. It might start as just noise and will grow into both noise and stammering in performance. This noise is a clear indication of an internal flaw in the hard drive of the computer.


This situation requires a quick remedy. If the disk crashes, you will lose all the personal data. The first thing you have to do is back up the content of your hard drive. After that, you have to replace the entire disk as there are no replaceable parts in it.


Corrupted data

Imagine saving essential documents on the computer and not being able to access them at a later date. You usually get an error stating that the file is inaccessible or corrupt. It is another glaring indication that the laptop is on its death bed, trying to stay alive. The hard disk may also be on its last legs.


Without computer updates, the failure can have severe repercussions. You will lose all your precious data and may not be able to recover it back. It is time to buy a brand new laptop or replace the old and cranky hard disk drive.


Poor battery life

The battery starts performing erratically when it reaches the end of its productive lifetime. The battery life is usually three to four years. In most cases, a new battery for the same laptop will do the trick. However, in some instances, even a new battery might discharge quickly, which indicates an internal problem. Or, if you hold an old laptop, finding a replacement battery becomes a nightmare. Experts advise against using some third-rate battery. Always use batteries from the same brand as that of your laptop.


This article is not an exclusive list of problems. Sometimes the computer keyboard might not work effectively. You might also see random freezing of the screen and complete crashes. Usually, these problems happen if you forgo installing computer updates. Sometimes it just a matter of cleaning the laptop and blow-drying the vents.