Are you looking for a computer but your budget is low? You can try a used computer. Right now on eBay and Craigslist, you will find hundreds of used computers at a budget price. But before you jump into buying one, make sure that you are purchasing a good computer at the right price. Here are some tips for weeding off bad products.


Look out for updates and supports


Many companies sell the refurbished computer at an extremely low price. These computers may run with operating systems up to Windows 7 and indeed perform well in terms of speed and other factors. But the overlooked element is the support for that version of the operating system. Do you know that the support for Windows 7 will end in January 2020? And, you won’t get any support in the future. Thus, make sure to buy systems with the latest version OS or for versions for which you can find computer updates and support for a longer time.


Make sure it has a good processor 


In a computer, the processor is the primary component of computation. If you are buying a used computer, make sure the processor spec is high so that it can handle more computation with ease. You have to understand that a processor is a hardware part of a computer, and you cannot find any computer updates to make it run faster.


Make sure peripherals are functioning


At the time of purchasing a used computer, many people ignore the peripherals. Unfortunately, it is where most of the scams take place. Make sure all the peripherals are functioning. Non-functioning USB or HDMI ports may drastically reduce your computer’s ability to connect with other devices. If you work with music, you ought to check the audio jack. Also, make sure these peripherals have the latest computer updates.




              The virus can do more damage than you could anticipate. The virus or malware can steal your data and serve it to a hacker within a matter of minutes. It can make you a victim of identity theft or data corruption. It is advised to do a complete virus scan before you buy one. Also, make sure the antivirus comes with the latest computer updates. The virus is not a deal-breaker in most cases because, even if you find a system with a virus, you can always clean it up with the best antivirus in the market.


On average, a used computer costs less than 50% of its original value. Even if it is a couple of months old, the price drastically lowers once someone uses the system. A good negotiation can give you a good computer at a considerably low price. However, there is a drawback to buying a used system. You won’t get any support from the manufacturer once it is out of its warranty period.  There can be a million more problems that could arise after a few weeks of usage.