Computers have become an integral part of your lifestyle and it is true that without computers and other devices, most of the businesses would halt. Maintaining your computers is very essential for your business and day-to-day life. Unfortunately, there are numerous myths related to the maintenance and updates of the system. Here are the top myths explained.

Slow computers have to be re-formatted to gain speed

It is true that re-formatting is one of the options for increasing the speed of your devices but, it is not the first or only option. Starting with installing essential computer updates to removing unwanted files to create space in the hard drive, there are numerous ways to make your device work faster. Reformatting your computer should be the last option.

Mac cannot be infected by a virus

It is true that Mac is very complex and high-grade than Windows. This does not make it immune to viruses or other security breaches. You should know that all the security-related computer updates have to installed including a professional anti-virus and other software. Do you know that hackers have developed specific virus formats, which can attack iOS, OSX and others?

Windows Defender is the best for Windows

It is true that it is in-built security for your Windows. This does not make you immune to all attacks. Even if you install all the computer updates and have Windows Defender, you would still be vulnerable to all attacks. Install another antivirus or other protection software to keep your data safe.

 Computer crashing is due to faulty RAM

This is not false but, at the same time, this is not entirely true. Faulty RAM can be only of the major reasons for your device to crash. On the other hand, starting from, faulty computer updates to conflicts in software packages, there are numerous reasons for the crash. Start with restoring your device, deleting or re-updating software and running security checks. If nothing works in favor, you can choose to change or add RAM to your computer.

Branded components last longer

On a comparative basis, a branded component would always last longer than a counterfeit product. But, this does not mean that only the top brand components are suitable for your computer. There are many local manufacturers, who produce high-quality components. Do not stick only with branded products. Choose reliable and high-quality products.

Drain laptop battery for a better lifetime

Years ago, the nickel-hydride batteries were used in laptops, which make this myth, a truth. Such batteries have to be drained completely every now and then to make the battery work for longer. However, today’s laptops are made with lithium-ion batteries. Draining off your battery regularly would make the battery more resistant to withhold charge, in the long run. 

You can wipe out hard drive with magnet

While using a floppy disk, a magnet was helpful to clean memory. Today, hard drives of your computer have complicated software, which is immune to a magnetic field. Ask any professional’s help, if you need to completely wipe out the memory of your hard drive.

Are you planning to repair your computer? Stop believing in myths and seek professional help. Remember that your data and your reliability depends on your device and its maintenance.