Many people often skip software update options on their computer, laptop, mobile or other computing devices. They often believe that these software updates consume device memory and slow down the system. However, these are unproven myths with no backup theory. You would be surprised to know that only 7% of people keep their system updated, and thousands of people lose their private data due to outdated software malfunction. Here is everything you need to know about updates and the benefits.

 Problems with the older version of the software

 No matter which operating system you have or, which software package you use in your computer or other systems, you can always find updates from time to time. Starting from security increase to increased performance, the main focus of these updates would be different.  You should always choose a newer version of the software, if available. Here are a few reasons why you should select newer computer updates.

  • Older version software decrease device performance.
  • In some cases, the older version consumes more power, memory, and space during operation.
  • Certain older version software is incompatible with new hardware.
  • Chances of malfunctioning and unreliable with newer and complex add-ons and plugins.
  • Problems in integrating with other software systems installed on your computer.
  • Older version software often carries security flaws, which might lead to data loss, identity theft and other cyber problems.


Data security

This is one of the main reasons why all the software packages including OS on your computer should be up to date. Most of the software packages have a vulnerable area, which would be exploited by hackers. In most cases, the hacking codes are written specifically to target those vulnerable areas. With updates, you can get better security for those softwares. What is the problem in hackers exploiting some random software like a format converter software? Well, there isn’t much personal data in the format converter software but, with access to that software, your hacker can easily build his way into your online access, banking details, photographs, sensitive information and so on. Think about a hacker getting remote access to your laptop’s webcam and microphone. Think about this, the next time there is a computer update reminder in your system.

Choose the right update 

It is important to perform a computer update, but, at what cost? Always update or buy patches from reliable providers or licensed companies. Just because a patch or update worth a few hundred dollars is given free in some unnamed site, it is not free money. In today’s world, you can easily embed a hacking code inside an update, which would create a situation where you willingly introduce malicious codes into your system. Thus, not all updates are good. You need to choose only the authentic computer update, which is compatible with your system.

 Besides updating your computer with new version software, here are a few other steps you can take to secure your device.

  • Always use original version software.
  • Use Antivirus on your computer.
  • Never install a miscellaneous program on your computer.
  • Service your computer with certified professionals only.


With an efficient and reliable computer system, you don’t have to worry about data theft and computer crash. You will find peace of mind and concentrate more on your work. It will give you a good reputation in the work field, and prosperity in the future.