In today’s world, the computer has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Our world will become topsy turvy if computers stop working for even half a second. Everything is linked to computers in this generation. Life has become much easier and mobile with the help of computers. We can get everything from food to a cab in a click of fingers with the help of modern computers. It is a gift of science to mankind. 


History of computers


The computer was invented by Charles Babbage in the 19th century. He designed the Analytical Engine and the basic framework of modern computers. The history of a computer can be divided into three generations, the First Generation, Second Generation, and the Third or Present Generation.


First-generation computers (1937-1946): Dr.John V Atanosoff and Clifford Berry created the first electronic digital computer in 1937. The ENIAC was built in 1946 and it weighed 30 tons. The first-generation computers could perform only single tasks and had no operating system.


Second-generation computers (1947-1962): these computers used transistors. In 1951, UNIVAC 1 was introduced for commercial use. In 1953 IBM 650 and 700 came into the market. By this time more than 100 programming languages, memory, and operating systems were prevalent.


Third-generation computers (1963 to present): the third generation came with the invention of the integrated circuit. The computers are now much smaller and powerful. Microsoft Disk Operating System ( MS-Dos) was invented in 1980 and the PC was introduced in 1981. The Windows Operating System came in the 90s.


Since then there has been no looking back. Each new day, the industry is coming up with modern computer updates and models.


What is a Computer update?


 Computer updates are essential to keep your computer up to date. Microsoft Update is the online extension of Windows. Microsoft has two divisions of its service, Microsoft Update and Windows Update for Business. They provide updates for Windows as well as Microsoft antivirus products like Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials.


Computer updates are a topmost priority because it saves computers from hackers. They improve the stability of the computer. Computer updates may seem like a wastage of money and time but they help in protecting a computer from various serious problems in the long run.


Types of Computers

  • PC or Personal Computer is used by a single person.
  • A desktop is also a personal computer but not portable.
  • A laptop is a portable and mobile device that has the display, mouse, processor, memory   and everything else in a compact system.
  • Netbooks are smaller than laptops and more travel-friendly.
  • PDA or Personal Digital Assistant use flash memory instead of a hard drive. They have touch screen technology. 
  • Workstation is a computer mostly used for 3D Graphics or game development.
  • The server is a computer that has been specially designed to provide service to other computers.
  • Mainframe computers are generally used in large companies.
  • Supercomputers comprise of many computers working as a single system.
  • Wearable computers are now in the trend. Common computer applications are programmed into cell phones and watches.
  • Computers have made our lives so much easier. From banking to education, computers have become an indispensable part of our life.