With new computer updates, we can expect bug fixes and sometimes some new features may also be included. Let us now take a look at what the 19H2 Windows 10 computer update brings to the mix.


The last major computer update for Windows 10 was released on May 2019. This will be the next big update to be released after that. The name 19H2 appropriately suggests that this is the update that is meant for the send half of 2019. It is currently in the beta testing stage and is set to release sometime during the fall. 


While the changes that this computer update may bring may not be as significant as some of the past ones, there are still quite a few changes that the 19H2 update will bring. Here is all that you need to know regarding the changes that the 19H2 will make.


Release Date and Price


With this computer update, Windows has made some drastic changes in the way it is delivered to your system and installed. It will not be delivered as a completely new operating system like it was with the May 2019 update. It will now be in the form of a service pack like it was for Windows XP and Windows 7 era.


To put it in simple terms, there is not much hassle that you need to go through to install this update. It can be installed in minutes just like a security patch. This will mean that the wait time is much shorter and the download size also will be relatively small. 


If you are running an older version of Windows without the May 2019 update then you will see this update just like any other major update – just how it worked in the past. 


Just like before the 19H2 update is completely free and is delivered to your PC without any additional charges. You will have the final choice whether you want to go ahead and install it or not. It will automatically be installed if you are running an older version of Windows 10 as various security patches and bug fixes are essential to maintain optimum security. 


There is no confirmation on the release date of the 19H2 update but according to a few credible reports, it may be pushed out to September which would roughly line up with the October 2018 update. 


Bug Fixes


This new Windows 10 update is still being developed so there may be a lot of things added to it but what we know for sure is that all the bugs that were reported with the May 2019 update are being addressed. Along with this, some reports have suggested that this computer update will also focus on improvement in performance and enterprise features as well. Some of the changes include technical fixes for container hosts and reduction of inking latency of laptops. This will also address the key rolling and key rotation issues that enterprises face.