Everyone who buys a laptop intends to use it for as long as possible. Phones may be updated once every year or a couple of years but most people use just one laptop for years before thinking about upgrading it. There is nothing wrong with as they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


Laptops are similar to cars, with the right periodic maintenance, regular care and gentle usage they can keep going for years. But ignorance of computer updates and basic maintenance can result in a bogged down system that is frustrating to use within just a span of a year. 


If you want to avoid the hassle of changing your computer frequently and want them to work flawlessly for as many years as possible, you can follow the below-mentioned tips to maintain them every month. These tips apply to all brands of laptops.


Delete Old & Unused Files


Over time all computers, be it work computer or personal computers, get filled up with a lot of files some of which never get used from when they are created. 


These can be anything from the music you’ve stopped listening to, old photos that have already been shared on Facebook or even installer files that are just rotting in your downloads. By eliminating these files from your system, you can free up some valuable space on the hard drive of your computer. The greater benefit of this is increased operation speed of the computer, which is always a welcome change that we all want from our existing computers. This will greatly enhance the productivity of the computer. 


Before you go on a mass purge and start deleting all the files you come across, remember that there are certain critical files that are needed by your computer to run normally. If you delete these  files then your computer may not operate properly. So ensure that you steer clear of all critical system files when freeing up space on your computer. 


Clear Browser Cache and Cookies


This is essential to keep your computer and the web browser safe and running at peak performance. Just casual browsing can result in your browser files being occupied by cookies so taking just a minute to clear them can do wonders as far as the speed of the system is considered. You can do it from the system menu of your browser.


Keep Your Desktop Clutter-free


Nobody likes cluttered spaces. The same applies to the desktop screen as well.  Apart from not looking clean, it may even affect some performance aspect of your system in certain cases but it is just about aesthetics. A clean and tidy space can subconsciously create a feel-good factor when using it. We are not suggesting you to spend hours trying to drag around files to arrange them in a systematic manner. Thankfully, there are ways to clear them up in an instant with both Windows and macOS systems. All you need to do is right-click anywhere on your desktop wallpaper and then select sort by and choose what works for you from options like file type, name or date modified. We suggest you choose to sort it by name as this will arrange your files in a systematic manner alphabetically but it is your choice how you want your files to be arranged.