Data loss is a common problem plaguing all companies across the globe, especially the ones that are heavily reliant on data. It is thus essential to be prepared with the right systems in place to have any chances of recovering from such a scenario.

The benefit of a data loss protection system is not just for businesses but it can benefit everyone. For instance, imagine that you are on the eleventh hour, going all out to complete your engineering dissertation and you are in the final leg of it. As you are nearing completion with just a few more lines to go, bang! Your computer just goes blank without any explanation. All you could do at this moment is just pray that the data is all there when it turns on if at all it does.

It is thus clear that data-loss situations are far more common that one might think. Anyone and everyone is susceptible to this from students, working professionals to businesses and government agencies. Every once in a while, it pops up in the news as well.

According to various reports on the small business trends, close to 140,000 hard drives fail in the united states every week and the data loss is up close to 400% from 2012. Even with these staggering statistics, around 68% of all Small businesses don’t have a disaster recovery plan. With a robust data loss recovery system in place, even when there is a problem, you can just shrug it off and take a break while the system works its magic to recovers all the lost data.

Let us now look at some annoying scenarios caused due to data loss and how to recover from them.

Damage to the Hard Drive

Some old computers may seem to last forever and you may believe it as well but with constant usage, there is going to be wear and tear of its internal parts. Hard disks are considered to be one of the most fragile parts of the computer as they are bound to fail well before other parts give in. As much as 140,000 of them are failing each week so this is a proven fact. There are numerous reasons for this failure, ranging from mishandling and misuse by users to mechanical failures. A system with moving parts is bound to break some time or another. There are systems that can recover data from such hard drives even after they have completely failed.

Malware and Viruses

You may be under the illusion that you are completely protected and safe from hackers until you find yourself to be a victim of such crime. Hackers are constantly getting really good at creating tools and systems that invade and infect multiple computers. For businesses, this is an extremely dangerous problem as it can bring them to their knees by halting all progress if they don’t have a proper system in place to defend and counter such attacks. It is thus crucial to install all computer updates as and when they arrive to patch any loopholes that these criminals may exploit.

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