This sounds too good to be true and we know that when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. When it comes to Chromebooks, it is indeed true that they are virus-free. The reason for this is quite simple, you just cannot install any software on them.

Viruses are nothing but executable programs. When these programs are not able to latch onto the computer by installing themselves onto it, they cannot exist there in any form. There are however some that can still get into the system but the Chromebook can easily ward them off. This can only happen when you install regular computer updates as and when they are available.

How are Chromebooks Immune to Viruses?

Chromebooks are designed from the ground up by Google to be an internet-based system. For this reason, these devices are created in such a way that no software can be installed onto them. Only web-based programs like Microsoft online, google docs and google sheets can be used. All work that is done on these web-based programs is stored on the cloud.

The primary mode of entry for viruses is through installing themselves on to an unsuspecting computer. Viruses are nothing but malicious software that can only harm a system in which they have been allowed to install. Thus, by eliminating the ability to install new software, a major portion of the risk is eliminated.

There are no shortages of web-based applications so it is relatively easy to find all that you are looking for in the chrome web store. Most of these are available for free. Google play store also has certain useful apps that can be downloaded to boost the usability of your Chromebook further.

Apps – Are They The Achilles Heel of Chromebooks?

While Chromebooks are relatively safe from viruses, they cannot inherently block malware attacks. Malware generally comes disguised as appealing web-based apps. Due to the availability of play store apps on Chromebook, the risk of a malware attack increases drastically.

Google is busy scrubbing their sites for malware but even after this, some do manage to get through. Chromebooks have few layers of protection to safeguard against most of these that may get through to your system. There are multiple layers of built-in protection provided with Google for all Chromebooks. These include,

Auto-Updates – Chromebooks are always running the latest version of the OS so it is not necessary for you to install manual computer updates like other conventional computers.

Sandboxing – All webpages are confined to a specific area so a dangerous web page will not be able to affect the other programs or pages.

Verified Boot – Chromebooks are programmed in such a way that they scan for malware every time it starts up. This ensures that all problems are fixed before you start working on your Chromebook.

Data Encryption – The majority of data on a Chromebook is stored on the cloud and what little that is stored locally is encrypted making it impossible to hack into.

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