The internet has become a dubious place due to the huge influx of new unsuspecting users. Due to the sheer number of users online, it is easy for scammers to find the vulnerable ones. Even long-time users fall for these scams as the criminals orchestrating them are doing so in great detail which can fool even the best of us. Here are some tips to make sure that you can steer clear of any such scams.

Don’t ever fall for any fake posts

This cannot be stressed enough. If you receive any email or message stating that you have won or are eligible to win money and you haven’t signed up for it, don’t click any of the provided links.

To verify if the company mentioned in the message is fake, search for the company name along with the word ‘scam.’ If it is a scam then chances are that someone might have reported it in the past.

If it is a person who has sent the mail then you can search for them on LinkedIn. If you don’t find them there chances are that it is a fake name and you can be sure that someone is trying to scam you.

Always Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Anytime a site offers the two-factor authentication option, you must enable it. Yes, it can be slightly inconvenient as it involves an additional step but this is what will help you safeguard your interests when someone tries to access it from an unrecognized device.

If you have ever tried to log-in to your facebook account from a new device, be it a public device, work computer or a system that belongs to friends or family then you will be familiar with the 2FA authentication that Facebook has in place to ensure only you have access to it.

Passwords Must Not Be Re-used

Never use simple passwords like 123456789 or abcde1234. On the other hand, if you use complex and unique passwords for each and everything then it may become humanly impossible to remember them without the aid of a password manager. With such programs, all you need is to remember one password to unlock all your passwords. It may prove to be cumbersome but if you value your security above all else then this is a must. Also, install all new computer updates to ensure further protection.

Avoid Public Wifi

Yes, we know that this is the last thing that you want to hear but we have a good reason for this. When you are connected to an unsecure network without using a VPN then all the data that you access through the connection can be tapped into. To ensure that your browsing data is protected, you can use a VPN. This was something just businesses used in the past to safeguard their information. In recent times, many individuals have started using it as well.

Don’t Post Sensitive Photo or Information Online

This may seem like a no brainer but despite the obvious consequences that come with posting such photos and information online, there are many people who do it. Some innocent things like posting your children’s photo online may seem normal for most people but if they are set to public then anyone and everyone including criminals will have access to them. These people may use these pictures for all the wrong reasons.