While using a Windows PC, if the computer takes forever to boot up or if all the applications and files take their own sweet time to launch then you’ll know something is off right off the bat. A third-party tune-up utility program has been a crucial tool to remedy all performance issues associated with PCs in the recent past.

Things have changed now with the Windows 10 operating system as Microsoft ships all its latest systems with system performance enhancing utilities already built in. However, this is still a new concept with most windows users as they are used to the slow performance of the un-optimized system and don’t believe they can do much about it. They don’t realize the fact that their Windows PC can be brought back to its highest performance with relative ease using just what Microsoft has provided with the system for Windows 10 users.

Before you start using these programs, install all the latest computer updates to ensure that your computer functions as it is intended to. The next step must be to use the utility program that comes with the system by default. Because you don’t need to pay any additional money to buy these tools it has an advantage over third-party tools. The third-party tools that you pay for do the same thing as the one already built into your system with just a little more features that are useless to most consumers. With the immense growth of the number of users adopting the latest Windows 10, such third-party tools will be a thing of the past.

Some power users may argue that the level of functionality and customization are limited with the pre-existing tune-up utilities that come with windows 10. Third party tune-up utility programs offer way more functionality in most cases. This again has some disadvantages as well because with increased features you’ll be compromising some level of security. The programs that come in-built from the factory have some protection and trustworthiness as they are created by the same people that have created your operating systems. Whereas in case of third party utility applications you never know what intentions their creators may have. There is always a certain level of risk involved with such applications.

Third-Party Tune-Up Utilities – What do they offer?

The primary strength of third-party tune-up utilities is its ability to perform various actions using a simple program with a straight forward interface. You may be able to access almost any required function of the utility program with just a single click. For instance, with lolo System Mechanic, you can get the cleaning process initiated by just a single click on the clean-up icon. On the other hand, Windows 10 doesn’t have a single click feature to get the clean-up process started.

Get The Job Done With Windows 10

Convenience is way more important than functionality as the tools that are not used are simply useless tools. Because Microsoft hasn’t made the tools visible and more intuitive to use, it works against it. If you are persistent and are willing to find something to fix any small problem that arises with your system then you will find it as they are all there but out of reach of most regular people who just get used to things. This persistence pays off as these tools are free to use as Microsoft doesn’t charge a penny for these.