Problems with headphones at some point is a common problem among all smartphone and computer users. It is no different with android device users as well. Before you go ahead and toss them out and waste more money buying a replacement pair, you can try some of our troubleshoot solutions because it could just be a simple fix to rectify it and get it working again to its original condition.

Even before we begin discussing the troubleshoot options you can try, you can go ahead and restart the device once to see if it starts working. This simple trick can rectify many small problems. This can be used for other issues as well. If it does not work then you can go ahead and try one of the following solutions to get your headphones working again. Even installing the latest Android and computer updates are known to resolve many such bugs that may be causing such problems. They may not be addressed in the previous updates. If the problem still persists then you can try these troubleshooting options.

Headphone Jack is Not Working

Dust is the primary reason for this problem. You may be unfamiliar with the fact that grime and dust are the main cause of multiple problems that may arise over the period of ownership of a smart device.

Similarly, dust can clog up the charging port of a device preventing the connectors from making good contact. If your phone always keeps dying even when plugged into the power outlet then this may be the primary reason for that problem.

The same is true for the headphone jack as well. The connectors may not be making proper contact due to the buildup of dust over the months or years of ownership and usage.

To remove all the dirt and grime buildup, get a paperclip and a flashlight. Turn on the flashlight and look inside the headphone jack at the bottom of your Android device then unwind the paperclip and use the pointed end to accumulated gunk and any dirt that may be covering the contact tips. Once you remove it you can plug in your headphones to check if they are working. If they are still not working then read on to learn about other simple troubleshoot options.

Device Settings Hindering the Functioning of Headphones

There may be a problem with your Android device so before you jump to any conclusions, check whether the problem lies in your smartphone or your headphones.

This can be done by plugging in the same headphones to another device and checking if they work. If the headphones are working then it may signify that the problem lies with your smartphone and not the headphones.

If the headphones still don’t work on the other device then there might be some issue with the headphones themselves.

If the problem lies in your smartphone then you can go to sound settings to check the master volume is set to an audible level. Don’t be embarrassed if this is the reason. It happens to all of us when you may have accidentally hit the volume button.

Issue With Bluetooth Connection

This is the most common type of problem with android devices. When there are multiple Bluetooth devices connected to the same smartphone then they may be causing some connectivity problem. The easiest way to resolve such a problem is by restarting the Bluetooth on the device and connecting it again. If this does not do the trick then delete the device fro your pre-existing list and pair it again. This is sure to resolve any problem with Bluetooth headphones.

If the problem still persists then you may consult an expert to rectify the problem before you decide to waste money on a new pair.

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