Each passing year brings about a plethora of changes in the computer world. Along with the advancement in the latest technology that provides ample functionality and usability comes security concerns. Technology today is geared towards the cloud where one firm holds all the information about your digital life. This is something that has really shaken up the world, with malware attacks and other such attacks in the recent past targeting digital information that has cost over billions.

If your computer seems to have slowed down it is generally due to security reasons that it may have slowed down, unless it is older than 10 years which may have dated hardware which may not be sufficient to keep up with the new requirements.

This security involves everything from web browsing habits to passwords and firewalls that prevent viruses and hackers gaining control of your system. This is a huge topic by itself, but here are some things that we think can empower the average user.

Viruses are Past

Modern hackers rarely bother infesting your system with viruses as the present systems have found improved ways to defend against such attacks. What these cybercriminals are using to hack into systems is different complex malware that is specially created to be undetectable while extracting information.

Malware can be defined as a program that is designed to do something that you don’t want it to do.

Malware can be called as a type of virus but it is more like a program that is designed to overwhelm you with advertisements or cause problems, hijack your web browser as a way to extort money from a user.

There is no Use of Paying Top money for an Anti-Virus

Malware has a clever way of installing itself onto your system. It relies on you, the administrator of a system to give permission for its installation. This usually happens when you click on a pop-up window that asks your permission to view something. Once it gets permission to install itself, there is nothing that your antivirus software can do to avoid any damage.

Too Many Security Measures Is As good Having Little or No Security

When you install a top end security system on your computer, your system is bound to slow down especially if you have a system with slightly older hardware.

If you ask your retailer how to protect your system from any unwanted intrusions, they will more than willing to sell you these expensive and security programs. This will not just reduce their liability if your system gets infected, they will also receive a hefty commission from there security companies on the installation of their program on every system they sell.

Use Multiple Passwords

There are a few browser plug-ins like the LastPass that manage and save all your passwords in an encrypted form to keep them safe from any prying hackers.

This is a seamless integration of your password as it can autofill passwords when you log in from any of your secured devices.

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