According to statistics, over 250 million tablets were sold worldwide in just 2014 alone. This was also the time when manufacturers started increasing the screen sizes on their smartphones. This has given customers fewer reasons to upgrade their old existing tablets to new ones.

Inevitably, sales have been dropping every year since the mega sale in 2014. Does this mean that the tablet platform is dead? Not at all! With the new range of iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface tablets hitting the market this year, they have revolutionized the meaning of tablets. Gone are the days when tablets were just regular smartphones with bigger displays. Tablets today can put laptops and computer to shame with what they are capable of doing. Unlike Computers that need manual computer updates, these can update on their own.

Does this mean that you have to spend all your time browsing through the tablet ailes to decide on one that works well for your needs and still be left with an obsolete tablet after just a year or two?

Here’s what to look for when making a purchase decision

Even though tablets today are capable of creating content, the basic essence of a tablet is to be able to consume content. Though they have the internals to do intensive creation tasks, tablets lack features that are essential for such tasks like multitasking, file management, and navigation among other things like having no mouse for fine inputs. With touch screens, they offer other possibilities that even laptops cannot offer.

Tablets are excellent for things like surfing websites, reading books, consuming media and playing games. Businesses today are finding an excessive need for tablets as they are highly favored by mobile workers.

If you are coming from the windows platform then simple acts like plugging in devices, transferring files, and basic multitasking will be very frustrating to perform. Before opting for a tablet, think carefully what you expect from the device. If productivity is what you are after then it is better to invest in a laptop.

Screen size

Tablets come in various sizes ranging from 6 inches all the way to the high end 13 inches. Small tablets have a great form factor and are the perfect substitute for an e-reader but due to their limited capabilities, don’t expect to get any work done on them.

Larger tablets, on the other hand, have superfast processors which are quicker than most laptops in the market. These tablets are used by professionals to perform tasks like photo editing, viewing detailed visual content and even edit videos. Some digital artists even use them as their canvas for their art.

If you have minimum usage from your tablets then you can opt for a smaller one but if you plan on using this professionally, we recommend you to go for something with the speed to keep you productive.

Operating systems

In general, most tablets in the market run on the Android system. This is a tried and tested OS that has been performing well from its inception. The other major OS is the IOS that is present in all apple ipads. This is again an extremely efficient OS as it simple yet powerful. If you want something to replace your windows laptop then you can opt for the Microsoft surface which has the same layout as a windows 10 laptop.

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