Chromebooks are relatively easy to maintain as opposed to the maintenance of a regular computer. Chromebooks are programmed in such a way that its operating system, Chrome OS updates itself automatically and silently along with other core apps that are present on the platform. Because of this, it does not slow down over time like a regular computer which requires extensive maintenance along with computer updates. You won’t need to worry about an antivirus software as well. Complications with compatibility is not a concern as Google is widely accepted. You could just say that things work, for real.

This may be enough for most people but if you are one of those people who will not rest until you have done all that you could do to make your Chromebook as fast as possible, we have a few tips and tricks that can help you. These things can help you clean up the clutter and keep the system primed and ready for any task you throw at it.

Spend some time to go through our tips and you can rest assured that your Chromebook will be performing at its peak operating condition and handle any task you throw at it.

Uninstallation of Unnecessary Apps and Extensions

Overloading the system with unnecessary apps and extensions is a surefire way of slowing down a system. These apps can run in the background, hogging up system resources thereby slowing down operations. The unnecessary extensions slow down the loading speed of web pages by using valuable data bandwidth to run in the background. These apps waste valuable internal storage space on your device and create visual clutter making it harder for you to find apps that you use on a regular basis.

This is why we advise you assess your apps and extensions situation at least once a year. This can go a long way in making sure your system is clutter-free and is not hogging up valuable resources of your system.

Optimization of Time-Saving Software

Chromebooks have many timesaving shortcuts that many users may not be familiar with. Some of these are very useful as they can streamline workflow and the best part is that these take just minutes to set up. They can be advantageous for all users.

System tray is the first thing that can be set up. This like a dock bar with shortcuts to apps that you use on a frequent basis. Ensure that you only keep apps that you use on a frequent basis in the system tray and remove all that you don’t use.

Clean-up Local Storage By Transferring Them To The Cloud

Chromebooks are not big on internal space so we advise you to store all your data on the cloud. If you do have some documents stored on your Chromebook, you can clear them from your system and upload them to the google drive. These files can be accessed from anywhere on the globe and on any device connected to your google account.

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