Everyone knows about the horror that hackers inflict on innocent people. Most of us don’t give nearly enough consideration regarding security for our devices and finally end up paying the price. Hackers generally target the most vulnerable people so any form of security will deter most hackers. These hackers have been stealing billions of dollars from unsuspecting people. We have come up with a few tips that can prevent you from becoming a victim of these cyber criminals

Use Multiple Passwords

Admit it, remembering passwords is frustrating and you have to almost always rest most of your passwords regularly. So it is common for most people to use the same password across all their accounts. If a hacker gets your password on some unsecure website then he will be able to access all your accounts and download your sensitive information. This can be a total disaster for you. To avoid this from happening, use unique passwords across all your accounts and store them in a password manager. With this, you’ll just need to remember one password.

Backup Your Files Regularly

Back up has come a long way from burning files onto a DVD to new cloud options that need absolutely no regular inputs from you and mass storage devices that can hold massive data. A backup can help you restore your computer in case of a breach by allowing you to format your computer without any hassle knowing that your data is safe and secure. Companies like Amazon and Google provide cloud backup at a very reasonable fee.

Avoid Oversharing

We are part of a generation where people share every little detail of their life online for the world to see. It is extremely easy to get caught up in this because everyone is doing it. Most of us don’t even think of the consequences. We advise you to take a step back and see what you are about to share and how it can be used against you or your loved ones. You can even read about instances when someone has gotten into trouble to know what could happen if you do what they did. Even on your smartphone, all apps ask permission to access various things. Only provide permission after careful consideration and be mindful of what could happen if they fall into the wrong hands. Never post your home address and personal information on social media. They could be in a picture you are sharing so look for this and only when you are totally sure there is no personal information, you may share the picture.

Software Updates

Update all your softwares regularly to keep them as secure as they can be. Every software, when released, has some loopholes that are used to exploit customers by hackers. By updating the softwares through computer updates, as and when they come out, you can patch these loopholes and make your device more secure. Make sure that these updates come from trusted sources as some of these updates itself may be malicious and cause harm to your system.

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