If you have been skeptical about updating all your business computers from an older version of windows to windows 10, you must know that this operating system has evolved greatly from its first debut in the summer of 2015. It has become much safer and more efficient. Here are a few reasons to upgrade to the new version of windows.

Prevention of Ransomware

If your system is running an older version of windows, it is extremely vulnerable to ransomware. With Windows 10, there is an inbuilt system to prevent ransomware from locking up personal documents and data from the computer. There is a tool called Windows Defender Security Centre Tool in Windows 10. This tool lets you whitelist apps. By doing this you can control which app can access data and files on your device.

Enhanced Malware Security Tools

When you install windows 10 on your device, you get Windows Defender Exploit Guard along with it. This removes malware by frequently scanning for quarantines. Apart from providing protection from ransomware, it also includes tools that stop zero-day attacks, it blocks and quarantines malicious programs from the computer and office network. It even isolates infected computers from the network.

By upgrading your operating system to Windows 10, you will get the option to subscribe to Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. This a one of the most advanced security threat management tool and is cloud based so it can help protect your business from most threats.

Safe Web Browsing

With the availability of Windows Defender Application Guard in both Windows 10 Enterprise and Professional, you can use the Edge machine inside the virtual machine. If by any chance you or your employees happen to visit a malicious site, it cannot damage the Computer or the network as this will be confined inside the virtual machine.

Easy Access to Frequent Business Contacts

You can pin your business contacts as shortcuts on the taskbar of Windows 10 through the My People feature. You can initiate a video call or email your contacts with just one click on these shortcuts on the taskbar. With this feature, you can pin up to ten business contacts.

Increased Update Efficiency

The Unified Update Platform (UUP) is a technology feature that streamlines the computer updates process significantly. UUP can identify the smallest of need regarding updates and installs only the required updates. Gone are the days when you had to download large data over and over every time there was a new tweak or bug fix. This also means that updates happen faster and there is more storage available for you on your system.

Sync Your Personal and Work Computers

If you were working on any windows application, the timeline feature of Windows 10 saves “snapshots” of this. If you click on the task view icon present in the taskbar, you can continue where you left off on the Windows application. These snapshots are accessible on all your synced windows 10 systems (you’ll need to sign in from the same windows account)

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