Here’s all that you need to know about CPU Miner & GPU Miner Trojans! These Trojans utilize your computer’s resources without your knowledge or permission to mine crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Monero, DarkCoin, and others. While using a miner to mine a cryptocurrency is entirely legitimate when these Trojans do it without your knowledge, it is considered malicious activity.

When a miner mines for coins they either utilize the computer’s processor (CPU mining) or the computer’s graphics card (GPU mining). In general, trojanized miners commonly use CPU mining as every computer will have a CPU that can be used to mine coins. Moreover, not all computers will possess a compatible graphics card that can be used for GPU mining.

When miners constantly use a computer’s resources when mining for coins, it leads to increased hogging of resources, power consumption and emission of high heat. This kind of usage for long duration will harmfully impact the computer’s CPU and graphics card causing them to fail earlier than normal. In addition, the increased power consumption will result in higher electric bills. Due to these reasons, it is vital to remove unwanted miners at the earliest once you suspect an infection.Computer Security


How to tell if a CPU or GPU Miner is Installed?

Crypto-currency miners are very difficult to spot as they do not provide any indication that they are active. In most cases, there are no screens, no unwanted program entries in the Programs control panel and no indication at all that the program is running.

The only way to really tell if a miner is installed is by way of symptoms of unwanted behavior on the computer. Listed below are a few that may indicate that a miner has been installed. However, it should also be noted that some of these symptoms could also be the result of other types of malware or even faulty software.

  • Unknown processes using significant amounts of the CPU processor.
  • Unknown processes listed in Task Manager.
  • The system is acting sluggish or unresponsive.
  • Windows slow to open and tasks take time to respond to requests.
  • Text takes longer to appear on the screen as you type.
  • Heavy programs such as games or video editors won’t start or become unusable


How can CPU and GPU Miners get installed on a Computer?

Miners can be installed through a variety of methods. The most common method is by way of Trojans that download and install the miner on a computer. Another method is by way of adware bundles that come free with software you download off the Internet. 

Miner Trojans are designed to hog and consume your computer’s resources and your electricity and profit from it. Once infected, it is very difficult to make your computer and its hardware operate normally again. This makes it very important that you scan any program or files that you download using your antivirus or security software in order to make sure it’s safe.

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