Today, every important information like banking details, personal information on social sites, e mails, credit card details, is all over the internet. All this information is secured with the help of a password, which is why it is extremely important to have a very strong password to ensure the security of all your valuable information online.

Here are certain tips that you must remember while setting up a password for your online accounts;

The Top Three

The following are the top three characters that you must include in your password to ensure complete defense. In fact, certain websites and online accounts refuse to accept a password that does not have these three characters.

  • Letters

Letters include both uppercase and lower case letters. Every password should have some letters in them, preferably in both cases. For example, if you are setting a password based on an important date that you are sure to remember like, December/4/ 1992, make it a little stronger by mixing both the cases, like DeCeMbEr/4/1992.

  • Numbers

This is the second most important character that should go into making a strong password. Generally, people tend to give birthdays, anniversaries or house number that they tend to remember. However, it is a piece of information that everyone around you knows. So try and make it a little cryptic, like, count the alphabets of your favorite food and add that to the password. Example, if you love ice-cream, then your number is 8, and your password could look like MaryloveS8!

  • Symbols

These are the symbols that are found on the keyboard and are neither letters nor numbers. Symbols are, #%&(@!?/}{][~”: etc. Make them a part of your password to make it stronger and difficult to crack.

Secure Password Generator

Secure password generator is a software that will help you to develop the ideal password for all your accounts. Generally in a password generator you are allowed to choose the length of your password and decide the characters and punctuations that you with to have in the password. According to your input the software generates a safe yet easy to remember password for you. The password that is created by this system is extremely difficult to guess by others or even hack by experts.

Password Managers

Online password manager is a way of securing all your passwords through online applications.


This application is of great help because every single person has so many passwords to remember that it could get very confusing. This website acts as a manager and remembers all the passwords that you have for different accounts. Once you store a password with KeePass, it will track the creation time, last access time, modification time etc. acting like a security guard for your accounts.


LastPass creates one password for all the accounts that you have so that you can manage all your accounts with one password. This is an encrypted form of combining all your passwords into one master password.

With all these different password strengthening tips and software, your online accounts are in very safe hands.

Photo Credit: Andrew McLucas [tokyogoat] via Compfight cc