The reason why your PC is constantly under attack is money. These spam mails and viruses that are perpetually trying to find out your personal and bank details, are either trying to hack your bank or credit card accounts or force sell their products. In such a scenario it is of utmost importance that you keep your PC safe with the help of all the available means of security.

Install Windows Update

Windows update is one of the most essential ways of keeping your PC safe and updated. This is an automatic and free process of getting all the latest updates on security and performance improvements from Microsoft. To ensure that your PC has Windows Update, visit the Microsoft Update website and install it in your system with easy to follow guided steps. Once it is done, you will be getting automatic updates on your PC about different service packs, patches, operating system and other Microsoft software.

Use Windows Firewall

A firewall acts like a gatekeeper for your PC. It checks all the incoming data from the network or internet, allowing the safe ones to come in while blocking the malicious ones. Windows firewall will prevent hackers and other harmful software from gaining access to your PC via the opening that they get from internet or shared networking.

Importance of Antivirus

Antivirus is a software that cleans your PC from existing virus and also blocks the invasion of new virus. There are many anti-virus software available online that you could download from the internet for free and install in your PC. These are generally available on free trial and once you are satisfied with the product you can buy and install that anti-virus.

Anti viruses are generally very easy to install and doesn’t change or alter any application in the PC. It just runs in the background acting as a constant virus eliminator. You will find popular anti-viruses like Norton, Kaspersky, Panda in San Diego Computer Store.

Need for Anti spyware

Spyware or adware is different from virus or worms that an anti-virus can effectively block. A spyware is something that tracks your actions on the internet and sends you mails and advertisements based on your actions. This might not lead to damaging your system or crashing it altogether like a virus would do, but it can track your email ID and passwords. An anti spyware is essential so that you can keep your information secured on the internet and avoid being a victim of online advertisements and pop ups.

Secure Web Browser

Be it Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome or any other browser that you are using to access the internet, you have to be sure that it has all its security settings in place. The two preliminary things that you need to clear on your browser are, cookies and history. For example in Mozilla Firefox, under the tab tools you will find privacy settings where you can adjust the cookies and the history. Look for all the safety features of your browser and enable them for the security of your PC.

Use all these Features to ensure a complete safety for your PC. All the information is available online in detail, and you could also look into Chula Vista Computer Store for guidance on PC security.

Photo Credit: Kecko via Compfight cc