A smartphone is certainly one of the most loved possessions that a technology enthusiast may have. It is actually a mobile phone built and designed on a mobile operating system, with more enhanced connectivity and computing capability than a feature phone. Smartphones initially combined the functionality of personal digital assistant with the function of a mobile phone. Later models are enriched with the utilities of compact low-end digital cameras, pocket video cameras, portable media players as well as GPS navigation units required to form single multi-use device. Nowadays, different modern smartphones include high-resolution web browsers and touchscreens that display quality web pages along with mobile-optimized sites. High-speed access of data is also provided by Wi-Fi connection and mobile broadband. With the rapid advancement of mobile commerce and of mobile app markets have become drivers of smart phone adoption in recent years.

Increased uses and demand of smartphones all over the world requires the users to follow some important tips that will help them keep their excellent handset in proper form. Unfortunately, simply like other similar gadgets of same category such as laptop, this portable device are also hypersensitive memory loss and to software crashes. There are some useful tips that would definitely help you maintain and protect your handset at its peak performance.

Maintenance Tips for Your Android mobile phone

From offices to homes, the laptop was the perfect symbol of technology going mobile, by the time smartphone came to hit the market.

  • Backing up data is a major step as most of our crucial notes, contacts, memorable videos and pictures are normally stored on our phones. Hence it is essential to back up all its data.
  • With its networking options like Bluetooth, data plans and Wi-Fi, log into the cloud storage facility through accessing to internet. Make sure your connection remains secured before performing any sort of backup. You may also choose to connect to your laptop or desktop in order to back everything up.
  • Managing your Phone’s Memory is another important task. Just as computers experience memory management issues, modern smartphones also suffer from the same problem. Now, for better management of memory of your device, you can simply download and install the memory app manager. It helps in performing a system recovery on the internal hard drive of your phone and thus restoring its lost memory. Secondly, just like on normal computers it will organize fragmented files to help the  Android or mobile Operating System run efficiently. Apart from performing a system recovery and defragmenting, it also helps its users keep track of the phone’s memory usage.
  • Always remember to close all the unused application in order to free up memory space. It also enhances smooth applications without slowing down of speed.
  • Resetting your smartphone to factory settings is also important. For desktop and  laptops computers, the last resort is meant to reformat your phone’s hard drive to start anew.
  • Delete unnecessary media, browser cookies, apps and cache as it will help optimize the phone’s performance. As most devices have got internet connection, deleting its cookies and browser cache will help you access faster.

These tips will be of great help to resolve various issues on computers and phones. Go mobile and restore effectiveness of your phone.

Photo Credit: gailjadehamilton via Compfight cc