It is an era of highly developed technology and innovations in every sphere of life and this sophistication is way facilitated in contemporary world with the help of multifaceted computer applications all over the world. It highly contributes to the modern advancement and for error free operations almost everyone has personal computer system. It is no longer the essential possession of professionals and techies alone, common people are also receiving and sending emails, using the internet for various crucial purposes. Starting from social networking, downloading movies and songs, researching and doing hundreds of other things online, a computer help you meet every need of day to day life. It is easier to get notebook computers today, and with the gamut of cost-effective options available, it is simple to find why a laptop is a basic requisite more than just a luxury these days.

The best possible thing about computers these days is that it does not require you to be a super tech savvy in order to know about its uses, but on the other hand, you are in a hassle if something goes wrong with your system given, you are not one of a self-troubleshooting kind. It is suggested to send out your system for maintenance or repairs when necessary, but removal of sensitive information from your device is of great importance. Regrettably, mostly people tend to gather a large amount of crucial data on their computers over a certain period of time. However, if these systems are meant for personal uses only, it is natural that users tend to become careless about security, for even data that is extremely sensitive and this may lead to unfortunate consequences, provided it comes into the wrong hands of some unknown person. So before sending out your computer for repairing, ensure that your to-do list and private information is checked off well.

  • Remove all the sensitive information such as files containing passwords for personal bank accounts, your CVV, PIN and other valuable numbers or details related to your cards, bank accounts or any other information that could be used to gain illegal access to them or hack them. Even general information like your mother’s maiden name and your date of birth can be used to perpetrate theft or fraud gaining access to your bank account  information.
  • Remove data containing your social security details, your debit and credit card numbers, and other details that if disclosed may result in mayhem.
  • Remove passwords store on your browsers. It can be easily done by clearing history from the settings. Many browsers allow users to see the stored passwords via the “Show Saved Password” option.
  • Delete personal photos and different other files that could be exploited by unscrupulous people. You can move them to some online storage facility or portable disk.
  • Delete any porn videos or photos that might have been stored inadvertently or explicitly. It is of course your prerogative, that you certainly do not want the outsiders to know about.

Back up all essential data to any secure place so that you do not need to worry about unfortunate loss. Following these steps on regular basis would help you avoid loss of important information in case your hard disk is corrupted.

Photo Credit: infocux Technologies via Compfight cc