In contemporary times online users can relish the benefits of best backup services, one if the prime necessities in this world of communications, transactions and networking over the internet. For secure and safe operational applications data is an imperative part and hence the demand and  need for file backup services online is increasing day by day. Sometimes an online, managed or remote backup service are marketed as cloud backup. It is a kind of service that offers users a system for the recovery, storage and backup of computer files.

Online backup service providers are organizations mean to provide such service to clients or end users. This type of backup is considered as a variety of cloud computing. Online backup systems are usually built around some client software program which runs on a schedule, normally once a day and during night when computers are no more in use. The major purpose of this program is to collect, encrypt, compress and transfer all the data to the servers of the off-site hardware or remote backup service provider.

There are a number of products available in the market and all offering various feature sets related to service levels and types of encryption. The online backup service providers often target particular market segments. LAN-based high-end backup systems can offer services like Active Directory, open file backups or client remote control. Online backup companies for consumers mostly have free-trial backup services or beta software offerings with few live support options.


Online backup has numerous benefits over traditional backup procedure. Perhaps one of the vital features of backup services is that backup files are stored in different place from the original location of data. On the contrary traditional backup service requires manual handling of the files to take backup media off site.

  • Remote backup service does not involve user intervention.
  • Users do not require to perform different manual steps such as labeling CDs or changing tapes.
  • Quality backup services provide a user with the opportunity for unlimited retention of data.
  • Certain remote backup services are found to work continuously, backing up files owing to their changes.
  • To the highest degree, remote backup services help maintain a list of file versions. Remote backup services mostly use encryption of 128 – 448 bit in order to move data over insecure links such as internet.
  • By sending changed binary data bits, a few online backup services may reduce backup.

Special Features

Some of the special features of remote backup services include Encryption, network backup, continuous backup in terms of constant data protection, online access to files, file-by-file restore, differential data compression, synchronization ad off-line backup. A backup service used to support network backup can back up a number of servers, computers or Network Connected Storage gadgets on a local area network system from a single device or computer.

For Mac users and Windows, Carbonite online backup service s available. It is an online backup service that supports e-mails, photos, music, documents and settings. Carbonite offers two different segment of products. Carbonite Home Office and Home is meant for families, individuals or businesses for one to two person whereas for small scale businesses that involve three or more computer sets Carbonite Small Business is preferred.

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