Selecting a iphone or a Android phone is not a very simple task indeed. Both phones present a good number of great features which may sound quite similar that it is really difficult to distinguish between them. But if you look more closely  you will be able to notice few key differences.

Let us find out some true differences which can definitely help us to buy a new iPhone or Android phone. Here are some points which definitely help a buyer to select among the iphone and Android Phone.

  • Hardware: As the iphone market is captured exclusively by Apple, the the software and hardware works very nicely together, whereas, in the case of Android the result varies a lot as the quality, user experience, features, size and weight varies as per the companies. Generally inconsistant quality is not  an issue for the iphones.
  • Operating system: A waiting game for the iPhone is just no-no, as the operating system it offers is always upgraded. Compared to the the iphone the Android takes a bit longer time to upgrade its operating system and as a result the new OS does not work in the older phones.
  • The Gaming Experience: Within just a last couple of years, iPhone has totally chaged the idea of video games or mobile games. The iphone has come up with thousands of mobile games with excellent graphics touch control features. Also here are a number of games available on Android too and some of which are extremely hit in the market.
  • Battery Life: Because of a variety of hardwares are being used in Android, the battery life varies from company to company. In the case of iPhone, the idea of charging the battery hab been obsolated now after the new models iPhone 5 have entered in the market. There are some battery-intensive applications run in Android which requires charging the phone almost everyday.
  • Screen Size: In the case of a smart phone the screensize matters the most to a huge number of users. In this matter Android is surely a winner. Android smartphone offers a wide range of large-screened smartphones starting from 4 inch to 7 inch available in the market. Where as latest models of iPhone 5 has a 4 inch screen which is the maximum in the case of a iPhone. The tastes differs from person to person, as one who wants to carry his/her phone in a wallet or pocket large screened phone is definitely cannot be a choice for them. Iphones gives users to choice to carry it easily and also provides the excellent retina display technology with higher pixel density.

So, in the battle of the smartphones, sometimes the iphone wins and sometimes Android comes as the first choice to the users. In some cases users will find the same features for both the smart phone. As the choice varies from person to person, keeping aside the trends, one should choose a smartphone as per their day-today requirements and not by the flashy advertisements.

Photo Credit: TheeErin via Compfight cc