Be it at home or workplace, computer is one of the most essential requisites as it helps in smooth and error free applications. However, it requires certain amount of knowledge on part of the users as your PC may anytime come up with its worst type of conditions or some error message leading way to end up with a shrieking halt. Interpreting the variety of computer issues users face and the ways to fix them could be a daunting task especially if they are not well aware of the same. Below are some of the usual computer remedies, that can be applied for the respective issues.

  • The Blue Screen of Death sometimes causes fear and anxiety in many people. Appearance of the blue screen, out of sudden particularly with a display of white text can be a severe kind of computer issue that you may come across. No need to worry about this as it simply requires to reboot the PC properly. Owing to a number of reasons, such error appears simply over the screen. It can be due to damaged hardware and software failure, corrupt DLL files or even issues with drivers. The remedy for this sort of problem mostly depend upon the original issue. You may end up getting codes over the screen, and these can be of great help to you in terms of identifying and fixing the problems of your PC.
  • In case of issues like the applications incapable of  installing the same, it simply means the PC’s hard drive does not contain enough space for it. These are some common issues and it requires you to make certain amount of space free in your computer system. It is one of the major computer issues, that is not that much problematic. You may simply have get rid of some specific folders or  files, that are no more require, and thereby empty some space in your hard drive. Many temporary and duplicate data or files may lead to such problem, it is important to  resolve these problem for no further troublesome issues.
  • The of Dynamic Link Library or DLL files can result in damaging computer problems. These files are places for information based on which your Operating System performs some number of functions. At times, your computer set encounters loss of these files along with other damages in them. You can have a missing or corrupt DLL file, that shows an error message always at the time of you are found performing certain actions like saving. If the problems in your PC are found stemming from missing and damaged DLL files, restoring the same by downloading back over the PC would be the best solution.

Common computer issues often involve abnormal applications behavior,  leaving the user wondering as what exactly has happened, despite the applications working smoothly. For instance, your word file is not showing the top margins of your document. Such issues having discovered, you simply need to restart the PC to get rid of this type of problem. If the problem till persists, further browsing through internet is recommended. Optimization of hard disk is often needed to avoid slow speed of applications.

Photo Credit: hammasratastik via Compfight cc