Recently Microsoft has launched its very own tablet ‘Microsoft Surface’ and has got right into the league of Dell, HP and Apple. Ever since its advent gadget gurus are comparing Microsoft’s Surface with Apple’s iPad. If you are wondering whether you should buy Microsoft’s brand new tablet or Apple’s celebrated iPad, then here is a detailed comparison to help you to make up your mind.


The first and foremost comparison is in the department of looks. The new Surface tablet looks great and is completely scratch resistant. It is dark gray in color with a matte finish and comes with a magnetic Touch Cover. Measuring 10.81 x 6.77 x 0.37 inches and weighing 1.5 pounds, it is almost the same size as Apple’s iPad. All in all it is very smart and handsome to look at.

The most promising feature of Surface tablet is its keyboard. The magnetic cover of the tablet includes a touch pad and a keyboard, the tablet also has a built in kick stand. Assembling all these parts will instantly make it look like a laptop. People who are not very fond of typing onscreen keyboards they can surely opt for the Surface.


When it comes to application support and work efficiency the Surface tablet has some advantages over the iPad.

Windows 8 Operating SystemThis tablet syncs amazingly with Windows 8. This operating system makes the tablet completely compatible with other Windows applications, devices, network resources, shared directories, file services etc. so, users who are presently working on Windows 8 will find it extremely user friendly and easy to operate.

Windows 8 combined with smart glass will also enable you to browse and play on the Xbox 360. you can easily use this tablet as a controller and second screen to your television.

Cloud ServiceCloud is a service designed to give the users easy and immediate access to there application resources and services. cloud services include Web-based services, e mail services, online data storage options, data backup solutions, document management services, technical support services and a lot more. All these facilities will be available to the Surface users with skydive which offers a lot more storage compared to the iPad. This is one of the highest selling points and best features of this tablet.

USB PortUnlike Apple’s iPad the Surface has a standard USB port which accepts a keyboard, mouse, external hard drive, and a lot of general peripherals.

Microsoft Office 2013Microsoft’s Surface tablet comes with Windows RT Operating system and offers additional applications like OneNote that enables users to have access to shared directories.

Huge Storage – This tablet comes with expandable storage option of 64 gigabytes that you can add with help of Micro SD slot. This makes it perfect for storing all your documents, pictures, audio files and videos.


Finally, one of the deciding factors of choosing a Surface tablet over an iPad is that, it is more reasonably priced than Apple’s iPad. An Apple iPad will cost you around $599 where as with all the above mentioned features a Microsoft Surface will cost around $349.

After going through all these features, truth is on the surface. All the best for choosing the right gadget for yourself!

Photo Credit: Michael Kappel via Compfight cc