The Kings of Search Engines

Right now, there is a battle going on. This battle is between two big time search engine programs that are providing people around the world with a means by which to find whatever it is they are looking for on the internet. While there are other search competitors out there, few can argue that these two are not the big two that everyone defaults to when choosing a search engine provider. The battle is between Microsoft’s Bing engine and Google. These two powerhouses have spent the past few years fighting it out by offering special features and services in the hopes of fighting the golden egg that finally win everyone over to their side. It’s hard to say which engine is the best, but here are the criteria on which most people judge Bing, Google, and any other search engine like them:

  • Speed of search
  • Accuracy of results
  • Special features

The Pros

When looking at the pros of a search engine you want to try and get a good indication of how the search speed and result quality is compared to the competition. Google is perhaps the most used of the two with millions of users going on every single day. Almost immediately a ton of results are given within seconds of entering the search. Being able to be specific with the search is also important and Google doesn’t fail to disappoint in that category either. With a longtail keyword phrase Google can get very specific to what the user wants to find. Bing, meanwhile, has great speed with decent results. Also, one of Bing’s big gimmicks is that it offers a rewards system. You earn points every time you search, and when you get enough points you can redeem them for gift certificates from participating affiliates such as Amazon and Starbucks.

The Cons

The cons of a search engine focuses on the things that people don’t care too much about, or don’t like at all, when it comes to either one in the searching process. For example, Google has been known for dealing with SEOs and allowing them to get websites with little to no effort put in them to be places within the first couple pages of a search. Google has since said that they are working to eliminate the SEO from hitting front page, but so far it doesn’t seem to have worked yet. Meanwhile, Bing is for the most part not as fast or as accurate as Google. Nine times out of ten it can match it, but occasionally there will be a search that doesn’t have the right websites that the users are looking for. Bing has a manual system put in for finding the best matches while Google relies more on algorithm applications. This makes Google mathematically accurate.

The Winner?

For the moment, the search engine that seems to have won it out by having fast search speeds, accurate search results and more happy users than all the rest is Google. Google is a massive enterprise that have only gotten bigger and better over the year. There are of course minor issues that need to be addressed, but in time they can be fixed. Meanwhile, Bing continues to grow and perhaps if it can improve its search result quality it will be able to overtake Google one day.


Photo Credit: Stuck in Customs via Compfight cc