The Oldest Trick

There are many users who own a computer for so many years that programs just keep piling up. With all these programs and documents eventually the computer will not be able to take in so much data coming from the unwanted programs and will start to slow down to a crawl. It may even cause crashing from time to time. To keep the computer safe from this, these programs have to be removed from time to time, especially if they are programs that are used sparingly or not at all. Here are some ways in which a user can remove unwanted programs from a computer.

  • Manually delete the programs found
  • Go through the install/uninstall program screen
  • Clean out the download folder with spyware

All of these features and more make it easier than ever before to get rid of unwanted programs. It’s even easier to look up potential programs that serve a primary purpose of cleaning up other programs and having them organized and/or removed depending on the severity of the situation.

Manual Delete

The unwanted programs can be stubborn at times. They hide themselves and often get lost within the many files that can be found on a computer. Their text can be very complex as well with all the numbers and letters and symbols that represent each program. Going to the Control Panel and heading into the Programs section from there saves a lot of time and stress because everything there can be seen plain as day. If there are any programs that don’t look familiar, or have not been used in a very long time, then they will be available for deletion.

Installing and Uninstalling

Most computers have an “Add/Remove” or “Change/Remove” feature. This feature piles up all the programs and with a couple clicks you can automatically send these programs into the uninstall process. Within minutes multiple programs can be uninstalled and removed leaving a ton of free space for more programs to be added. These new programs can simply be automatically installed, but a manual install is also given for people who prefer to do it that way.  The unwanted programs have never been made easier to get rid of, and it is a relief for people who are either not familiar with computers or don’t spend enough time on them to know how to get rid of programs properly.

Spyware Retreat!

One of the best ways to get rid of any unwanted programs is with a spyware-removal program that will clean out download folders. Sometimes a program will be stubborn and not leave the programs list even if you click remove and go through an uninstall process. For these programs spyware will come in and use its own programs to get rid of those other nasty programs for good. Spyware programs can be downloaded online or purchased at any electronics store. McAfee and Norton have great spyware programs, and Spybot Search and Destroy, which is free, is a good alternative.

Photo Credit: ‘Ajnagraphy’ via Compfight cc