When You Need the Speed

Not all computers can have the highest speeds for years to come. Sometimes the computer speed will slip down and the computer will not feel as fast as it once did. Other times the competition makes speed increased to the CPU or GPU of a computer making the one the user owns seemingly obsolete. However, there are ways in which the computer speed can be increased. In fact there are many simple ways to make sure that the computer is at top gear and continues to run as fast as the user wants it to run. Some of these ways include:

  • Running programs in the background
  • Uninstalling unused programs
  • Defragmenting the PC
  • Using CCleaner

All of these options and more are at the user’s fingertips 24/7. The important thing is to know and understand which of these solutions is best for the particular computer that is being worked on. Over time the user will start to get a good enough feeling for each program to know what, when and how to increase the computer’s speed,.


One of the most popular ways to increase computer speed is by using Disc Defragment to clean up the computer.  Defragmentation is a process to reduce the amount of fragmentation within the computer. This is so that mass storage is filled up and unnecessary files are removed or taken to a different location on the computer. This allows free space which the computer can then use to speed up other parts. It can take awhile to successfully perform a defragment, but it’s a very big deal and it helps save a ton of space so it is worth to try and perform disc defragmenting once a month is the recommended amount.


The CCleaner is a utility program that is free to download for any computer. It helps clean up unwanted files and invalid Windows Registry entries. Its main focus is on eliminating all the temporary files that either have not been used in a long time or have never been used at all. This applies to a number of browsers and programs, so the user should be made aware of what exactly the CCleaner is cleaning up. It’s also used to uninstall programs and disable start up programs which, if there are a lot, can cause slow down on any computer. CCleaner is a highly recommended program that all computer users should look into downloading and using every two to three weeks

In the Background

One other way to help improve the computer speed is to control what runs in the background of the computer and what doesn’t. Every time the computer starts up a few selected programs get started up right away. They are left running in the background, sometimes without the user ever knowing. Some of these programs might never be used either meaning they’re wasting free space that could be used to improve speed. Users can fix this by going to the control panel and going to the computer’s main menus. From there the hidden programs can be found and edited to either run or not run upon the computer first being booted up.


Photo Credit: yohann.aberkane via Compfight cc