When The Business Grows, So Should its Database

For many businesses that rely heavily on their computers, as well as the various programs and software that they work on and update regularly, having a dedicated office server can save a lot of time and, over the long run, plenty of money that would otherwise be wasted on recovering important data that could potentially get lost. As a business gets more and more customers, it eventually reaches a point where it can’t possibly contain so much data and information within local computer databanks alone. The server serves as a means to have everything compiled and organized within one area that computers all around the offices of the building can access whenever necessary. The office server can be used to:

  • Pull up old records
  • Scan documents
  • Put together inventory/spreadsheets

All of these features and more make it easier than ever before thanks to office servers. It’s even easier to look up achieved information that may need to resurface as a cited source or to determine a department’s yearly finances. Whatever the case may be, servers make things easier.

Sharing Files

The office server acts as a digital “filing cabinet” to all the information that is available. On a single computer, files can be saved up on disks and brought up at the user’s leisure. However, many departments communicate with one another on the same projects, and even team projects within the same department need more than one of the same document looked at by everyone else. This is why it’s good to have a file sharing service. Now whenever a file or document needs to be looked at, the user can simply pick and choose from among all the files within the office from their own computer without having to borrow a disk.

The Ultimate Backup System

Having a server for the entire office of a building, or for the entire building, can also be useful if and when something were to happen to the disk or if one of the computers got corrupted and lose its files. Upon fixing the computer, the files could then be recovered from within the office server. Having a backup system is like having an extra security net to protect the information and save it from being lost forever. The more important the data for a business is, the more often the backup should take place.

Windows Small Business

Thankfully, there are professional server starting programs such as Windows Small Business that can help make an office server within a short amount of time. Anyone working for a company that requires constant computer access is going to want to have themselves the security, comfort and ease of access that comes with having a small server for the office. There are a number of I.T. guys who can come in and install a server right away for a small price. For a number of reasons, having a small office server can be a very smart investment.

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Photo Credit: JohnSeb via Compfight cc