Always, ALWAYS, Backup Your Files

You never know when a computer crash is going to happen. It could be on a very busy day of the week or on the most leisurely day with the least amount of programs opened. Sometimes all it takes is one single program to open one single file before the whole thing powers off and you end up losing everything. In the result of a computer crash like this, it is important to always have your files backed up and properly stored somewhere for safe keeping. You can try a number of things including:

  • System Backup with a blank CD
  • Use a free backup program such as Cobian Backup
  • Go with a cloud backup program such as Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Link the computer to a home or office server that saves all files

When you backup your files, you’ll always have something to protect them from even the worst kind of computer crash. All the work that you have, and anything that may have been critical towards a project that was being worked on, especially anything video or audio related, can’t afford to suffer a crash of any kind. A backup is practically a necessity to save people from losing every digital file they have.

Check for Viruses

Once the computer crash happens, reboot the computer and open up any virus protection program that is installed on it. If no virus programs are installed, either purchase one or download a free version right away. Perform a full computer scan so that everything within the computer is checked for anything that may look like a virus. If a virus is discovered, learn the ways in which the virus can be removed. The worst case scenario would be that the computer would have to be repaired by a computer technician.

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Invest in More RAM

One of the major reasons why a computer crashes, especially if it happens often, is because there simply is not enough available memory for the computer to run all the applications available. This tends to happen more often as a computer gets older and has more programs on it than when it was first launched. The best way to improve the memory is by purchasing more RAM to be added into the computer tower. Usually a computer comes with 2-4 GB of RAM, but for serious computer users who have to have many programs installed in a single unit, 6-8 GB of RAM is the recommended amount.

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Not the End of the World

A computer crash sounds like a terrible thing, and of course it’s something that nobody wants to experience, but it doesn’t mean that the computer will never work again. There are a number of ways to go about fixing the computer, and the majority of the time a simple program or piece of hardware is all that needs to be installed.

Are you experiencing issues with your computer? Call Best Deal Computers at (619) 425-5592 or come into the store to get it back on track FAST.


Photo Credit: selva via Compfight cc