A Whole New Outlook

When you go to get a new email client Microsoft Outlook tends to be the default program that users will go to for their messaging services. However, there are a ton of other e-mail services available, and perhaps Outlook isn’t suiting a particular user’s needs at the moment. Perhaps it’s time for that user to go and make a change by trying out something new instead of sticking with the “same old same old” all the time. Here are just a few of the many great e-mail alternatives to consider switching to should you feel the need to do so:

  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Windows Mail
  • Opera Mail

Feel the Thunder

thunderbird_logo-only_RGB-300dpiMozilla Thunderbird is an email client that, not surprisingly, is associated with Firefox.  It is an open-source client that seems to be the best when it comes to the speed at which mail is received and sent. It also expands upon its uses by allowing plugins and add-ons to be added in a manner similar to Firefox. If a user has spent more of his browser time on Firefox, Thunderbird will be a piece of cake to work with. Thunderbird is able to support POP, IMAP and SMTP protocols. Plus it is available on all platforms. Outlook is only on Windows and Mac OS X. Pertaining to IMAP, Thunderbird has it best over Outlook. Outlook tends to be unresponsive with IMAP while Thunderbird works well and works fast with IMAP. Users who wish to use IMAP will want to use Thunderbird first.

Another Windows Option

Windows-MailOutlook is not the only Windows supported email client that can be downloaded and used. Windows Mail is a service that has been working extremely close with other Windows products. Whatever upgrades and special features Windows has, Windows Mail tags along and joins in on the new features. If the user is a big Windows fan and loves to have the latest and greatest, from Microsoft, then Windows Mail is right up their alley. With all the traditional features that email services have, plus extended and new features such as Live Mail and additional e-mail server types, Windows Mail is the one for dedicated Windows users who see now fault in the products and wish to continue to use them.

To the Opera

opera-mail-iconThen there is Opera Mail. Perhaps the most far out and obscure of the three being mentioned, Opera can be a great alternative email client because it has the ability to integrate the mailing system right into Opera’s browser to provide a seamless 1:1 experience between the browser and the mailing system. No longer will you have to open email separately. Opera also has offline mail features allowing one to browse e-mail even when the internet is cut off. If traveling or experiencing low bandwidth, there is a low bandwidth mode to help inform the mail to only search necessary information. Whichever of the three gets chose, each one is unique in some way and the ultimate decision depends on what features the user needs at the moment.

Source: http://www.maketecheasier.com/5-great-alternatives-to-microsoft-outlook/2011/06/21

Photo Credit: Éole via Compfight cc