Stream All About It

Video services have been around for a long time now, and they continue to grow and evolve along with the new technologies that have been developed to entertain and give people fun devices to play with. Along with all these new devices comes a brand new way to watch television shows and movies from any TV or mobile device. Streaming media is young, but it continues to grow in popularity as hundreds of millions of people convert themselves to the streaming service on a regular basis. Being able to have access to a number of hit shows and high quality movies at the push of a button used to sound like a dream of the future, but now it’s here and we’re living in that very future. Some of the most popular streaming media services currently on the market today are:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime Video

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These three streaming services have their share of pros and cons against one another, but all three serve the same purpose of providing users with the ability to watch thousands of digital videos from the comfort of their home, or from the safety of their mobile devices wherever they may travel to.

The Big Red

31hx4yW3BqL._SL500_AA300_Without a doubt, when it comes to streaming media, Netflix is the first service that comes to mind. Netflix was one of the first to revolutionize the way people rent DVDs and watch videos on a stream service. Nowadays the company has focused more on its instant streaming, and it was a smart decision as their numbers continue to rise. However, Netflix has the advantage of having DVD availability, something that Hulu and Amazon don’t provide. But it’s not all perfect for Netflix. Their HD quality is lacking with some of their titles, and the titles available can change on a whim, so you never know when a favorite movie or show might vanish from the library.

Going Green

Hulu-LogoHulu, and in addition Hulu Plus, is a streaming media service that seems to prioritize itself on the television show aspect. A number of hit shows from ABC, NBC, Fox and other cable affiliates put on the newest episodes of their big hit shows the day after the episodes are show on network television. If you’re a big TV show fan, both old and new, then Hulu Plus is definitely something to consider investing in. However, if you’re more of a movie junkie, there may not be enough to satisfy your cravings.

Venturing Into the Amazon

Amazon Instant VideoThe third and equally fulfilling streaming media service is Amazon Prime. With Amazon Prime you can link your Amazon account to any mobile device that supports Amazon Prime and have your movies and videos saved after your rent them. While Amazon is great for renting movies, it also has its own streaming service for instant shows and movies that cost around $70 a year. In addition you get free two day shipping on orders and free Kindle eBooks to read. However, the lack of mobile devices hurts the service a little, so those who prefer watching TV and movies on the go may want to try a different service.


Photo Credit: atomicjeep via Compfight cc