Spreading it All Around

For many who specialize in computers and sending a variety of files to other computers and media devices, the open source office community is for them. The Office version of open source thrives as the ideal means with which to extract and unzip large chunks of files that would exceed the max amount that can be sent at one period over to a computer or a similar working device. Sometimes the video, audio or other various formats do not support certain computers. With open source office there are ways to extract and convert these files into the proper sources necessary for downloading and running the files and programs. They are considered to be alternative means to be able to zip and unzip files and folders. However, keep in mind that while these programs do have their fans, they have nothing on Microsoft Office which trumps them in most if not all of the categories. Microsoft Office is the ultimate in word processing, and these open source programs, while nifty for some, cannot be compared to the original due to its fluidity, its constant updates and its hundreds of features. Here are just a few of these programs that are the most popular to use when working with this type of software:

  • Open Office
  • Libre Office
  • AbiWord

Open Office

Open Office is probably the most popular kind of open source office because it is open source that allows for word processing programs to be distributed among the masses. Many processors such as notepads, spreadsheets, presentations, drawing applications, formula editors and database management all can be found in Open Office. Frequent updates also allow for changes to be made to these programs based on community feedback. However, these programs also tend to be discontinued or outright removed quickly. It’s hard to find a good program that is still updating and useable.

Libre Office

Libre Office is the open source office “brother” of Open Office in that the copy of the Open Office source code was taken and given independent development with its own community and niche applications. Libre Office consists mostly of having word processing programs, spreadsheets, slideshows, diagrams, databases and formulas. The designs of Libre Office were made in order for it to be compatible with Microsoft Office; however certain layout features of Office are not supported. There are constant updates to it, and most people seem to enjoy their time with it. However, a lot of the features tend to be out of date very quickly, and  as more and more users join it, it starts to get more noticeable by the bigger brands who feel as those Libre Office is stealing their money.


With AbiWord, you’re getting word processing open source software that is capable of working with Android devices as well as Ubuntu noroot packages. This makes it by far one of the most compatible open source software available. One of its big features is that it has special settings for page headers, footnotes, spelling and grammar checking, templates, page columns and more. The interface is similar to that of Microsoft Word 2007 and it formats with a large number of files. Yet a lot of what it has is nothing new. There’s not a lot of change to it, and considering it was first released in 1998 that can post to be an issue. It hasn’t had a stable release since 2010 and there seems to be no signs of changing.

Source: http://opensourcewindows.org/

Photo Credit: swisscan via Compfight cc