Opening Up to Others

For many who specialize in computers and sending a variety of files to other computers and media devices, the open source community is for them. Open source continues to thrive as the ideal means with which to extract and unzip large chunks of files that would exceed the max amount that can be sent at one period over to a computer or a similar working device. Sometimes the video, audio or other various formats do not support certain computers. With open source there are ways to extract and convert these files into the proper sources necessary for downloading and running the files and programs. Here are just a few of these programs that are the most popular to use when working with this type of software. They are considered to be alternative means to be able to zip and unzip files and folders.

  • PeaZip
  • FileZilla
  • Gimp
  • Inkscape
  • Audacity

Those are just some of the bigger named open source software that tend to be traded around online and given free downloaded. If you know where to look you can fine entire community forums dedicate towards these software formats. Many professional computer technicians tend to choose at least one of these for their work or recreational computing experiences.

In the Works

The best thing about open source is that it acts as a free license to for anything that gets send on the internet. Certain projects, designs, creations and inventions that are digital can be transferred and sent freely among the internet masses. Many expert computer hackers and decoders are able to make this happen by going through the source code of the various files types and modifying them so that any licensing restrictions placed down are removed and immediately available to the public. This all works out as a sort of free range market for the online community.

Is it Moral?

These alternative open source software types tend to not fall into good favor with many companies and businesses looking to make a profit off of their digital property that’s being passed around for free. A large number of software relating to open source has been shut down over the years due to copyright infringement laws. Some believe that it is unethical for the hackers to decipher and send out these downloads for free because it causes the company to lose money and sales. Meanwhile, others believe that they are in the right to be able to download certain products and files after a certain amount of time. This continues to be a growing debate within the online community.

Be Careful When Trying

When trying out open source software like PeaZip, FileZilla or Gimp, make sure that you know the source that these files are coming from. Make sure that they have a healthy amount of reviews and connections within the online community. Always remember that if it looks too good to be true, then it most likely is.


Photo Credit: Kasaa via Compfight cc