Hard drives are very important for any PC to have. They store all your data, all your saved files, and everything you download gets put on them. However, these days regular hard drives just don’t cut it anymore. Now there are solid state hard drives (SSD) that are a vast improvement over regular hard drives. They’re so much better that even the big companies like Dell and Apple have them set as the default hard drive to have for their new computers. So what’s so great about them? Let’s find out.

It’s Very, Very Quiet

Rather than using electron tubes like regular hard drives, SSD uses semiconductors which give off a much quieter noise due to the lack of moving parts. Nobody likes having a noisy computer, and SSD is one way to help silence your PC while still allowing it to work as hard as possible for your entertainment or business purposes.

Big Investment

It’s easy to talk the talk, but how about when it comes time to walk the walk? SSD proves that its bite is just as strong as its bark. The SSD has a good reputation, and many companies are promoting the product as the next big step in hard drives. Just a few of the many PC companies that use SSD include:

  • Apple
  • Dell
  • ·       HP
  • Gateway
  • Acer


Another big ticket item that SSD has over its competition is how extremely durable it is. These drives can take a beating and still work fine. Fall damage, or even electric shocks that would fry normal hard drives aren’t enough to keep the SSD down. Your files and programs are important. You need to be ensured that they are safe from accidental damage. With SSD, your important files are always going to be safe no matter what happens.

Super Fast

As if that wasn’t enough to convince you to invest in SSD, SSD is also super fast. Compared to regular hard drives, standard issue SSD can collect information at up to 170 megabytes per second while regular hard drives only do 56 megabytes per second at the most. It’s quite a difference, especially when it comes time to download, upload, and store multiple data at one time. The SSD can simple do what the regular hard drives could never do on their best day.

Saves Power

Another good thing that SSD does is that it takes less power to use. Hard drives soak up the power that would be more beneficial toward others parts of the computer, but SSD only needs a little bit of juice to get it running. Saving power is smart, resourceful, and helps you maintain a healthier and longer lasting computer. The SSD can do so much with so little that it comes as no surprise that the regular hard drives are becoming a thing of the best while the Dell and Apple companies of the world switch over to the far superior SSD.

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Source: http://www.ehow.com/info_8160666_advantages-ssd-drive.html