Microsoft has always known for having constant upgrades and updates to its many programs, and Microsoft Office is no different. Microsoft Office 2013 is the latest edition. Released last year, Office 2013 has quite a few differences from the previous versions that users should be made aware of being going out and purchasing. Here are just a few of the new features that come with every copy of Microsoft Office 2013.

Cloud Storage

If it wasn’t obvious already, Microsoft Office 2013, like other Microsoft programs, is offering complete cloud storage with every saved filed within Office. Do you have a Word or PowerPoint document that you would like someone else on a different computer to see? Then send it to the cloud. From there it gets saved and the other user can download and view your work. And if you’re away from home with your laptop and you need to work on a document that’s on your desktop, it’s as simple as going to cloud and loading up the document.

Word 2013

With Office 2013, new features have been added to all the programs that come with Office 2013. This includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. Word 2013 has some really cool features that include:

  • Full Screen Mode
  • Ability to edit PDF files
  • Embedding videos into Word Documents
  • “Read Mode” if you just want to read a document instead of editing or writing one.

PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint has the least amount of features, but that doesn’t mean they don’t stand out as exciting features that PowerPoint users will want to get their hands on. For example, now there are a ton of new transition styles to use during presentations. These new transitions offer a more professional manner of presenting projects during business meetings.  There is also a new widescreen feature that makes the PowerPoint presentations stand out more. Add to that the cloud storage feature and the “Read Mode” option that Word has, and you’ve got a boosted PowerPoint.

Excel 2013

Most would consider Excel to be the best spreadsheet software around. All businesses use it to some degree, and these new features should make it even easier to use. There’s the quick analysis lens that enhances the graphs made on the program and makes them look more presentable. It also relates to Google in that it has an auto complete feature. Type a word and Excel will guess the word you’re about to type with high accuracy. This makes it easier to get spreadsheets labeled. There’s even a feature that incorporates e-mail within Excel as an easier way of sending spreadsheets.

Outlook 2013

A very popular e-mail client, Outlook has often been targeted for its having a complicated interface. Microsoft has not only fixed this, but has also added a couple other features including an improved calendar and fully e-mail synchronization with Hotmail, Gmail, Google App, and more. Office 2013 has definitely improved, and it’s recommended that you give these new features a try today!

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