Windows 8 is the newest Windows update from Microsoft. It came out late last year, and since then the number of users heading over to Windows 8 is growing by the day. At the moment new Windows computers have Windows 8 installed already, but there are some users still working with Windows 7 on their PC. If you’re one of those people and you’re curious about what Windows 8 has to offer, check out just a few of the reasons why upgrading to Windows 8 may be right for you.

Head in the Cloud

Cloud storage is becoming the next big thing in computer technology. Being able to save and store data via the cloud has saved many people excess time and effort through its use. With cloud storage, files can be transferred from one computer to any computer with the same program that has permission. This makes synching up data with friends, family, and co-workers a lot easier than it has ever been before. Windows 8 has the best cloud synching on the market, and over time it’s only going to get even better.

The Start Screen

The start screen on Windows 8 is very different compared to 7, but that doesn’t make it bad. In fact a lot of these new features are very good. 8’s start screen can be compared more to the start screens used in Windows Phones. With Windows 8’s start screen there are:

  • Block shaped application launchers
  • Complete customization options
  • User Interface capabilities

And the biggest change of all, the lack of a program button, will soon return to a future Windows 8 update.

It’s Fast

Windows 8 is so much faster than Windows 7 when it comes to booting up the computer. It effortlessly loads up and goes right to the start screen. From there the applications can be opened up right away and the desktop is available to click on. As for the apps themselves, they launch quickly and with little to no lag. Fast is the way to go as we head further into 2013, and Windows 8 has the right idea.

Various New Features

There are so many features that some users might not even notice them. For example, file history is a new feature that constantly backs up and saves documents and programs. It also saves any favorites and items left on the desktop. You won’t ever have to worry about losing an important file again. There is even a new “Refresh PC” option that helps eliminate the chance of your PC getting “bit rot” that can cause your computer to slow down immensely.

Touch Up

Windows 8’s biggest feature is without a doubt its ability to act as a touch screen. All of Windows 8 was designed with the idea of being able to touch programs and apps in order to get them running. The startup screen is touch friendly, and with every swipe of the finger it feels just like you’re swiping at a tablet or mobile phone instead of a PC. That’s just how quick and smooth Windows 8’s touch screen feature is. If this, or any of the other features, interests you at all, go check out Windows 8 for yourself.

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