These days, computers are all about speed. If your computer, or any mobile device for that matter, isn’t at its best, you’re going to be left in the digital dust. Web pages won’t open as quickly, programs (especially those that require multiple files to be opened at once) will go as slow as molasses, and downloading any of the various digital media available could literally take days to complete instead of only a few minutes. Speed is the best thing you can give your computer. Here are some ways to increase PC speed.

Defragging is Your Friend

When defragmenting your PC, you’re basically acting like a janitor cleaning up unnecessary files, programs and various data that either has not been used in a long time or has never been used at all. Defragging a PC helps clear the clutter and keeps your computer running at fast, constant speeds. It’s recommended that you defrag your PC at least once every two or three weeks depending on how often you use the computer.

Invest in Virus Protection

Protecting your PC from harmful viruses that could potentially slow down your computer should be something that ever computer owner needs to invest in. It not only saves you the hassle, but it makes PC tune-ups easier as well. There are a number of virus protection programs such as:

Lots of RAM Means Lots of Speed

RAM (short for Random Access Memory) is the amount of memory your PC can take and store data in. With a large enough amount of RAM, your PC will be able to store data quickly and efficiently allowing it to devote more of its energy towards the processors that provide lightning fast speed.  It’s recommended to get at least 2 gigabytes of RAM. The more hardcore PC users may want to look towards getting 4 or 8 gigabyte options.

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Research Network Providers

Some network providers can boost your internet access and get your PC to run downloads and uploads at crazy speeds. Fiber optics provided by companies like Cox Communications and AT&T U-Verse have gotten very popular over the past couple years giving people the opportunity to have internet speeds that would never have been possible in the early to mid 2000s. Call your local provider and learn more about the various network options they provide in your area.

The Motherload

Above all else, having a good processor means your PC can run multiple programs simultaneously without any fear of lag or slow down. Processors such as Intel or AMD have a wide selection of processor speeds that should be chosen based on the type of computer you wish to own and how often you use the computer for either personal or professional reasons. Without the right processor, you won’t get the satisfaction that a super fast computer provides.


Photo Credit: Dan Eriksson via Compfight cc